Instructional or Non-instructional

Two levels of participation

The Tenaglia School of Art and Portfolio Building offers life drawing sessions intermittently, as demand requires. Contact us for details, or to indicate interest.

There are normally two levels of participation: Instructional and non-instructional. Students must be 18 years of age or older, or, have our school consent form signed by a parent or guardian.

Sheri Tenaglia teaches with a very high degree of skill and sensitivity to her students’ needs. She creates a very positive learning environment. My skills as an art student improved dramatically over a short period of time, and I had a lot of fun on top of that.

Oksanna Crawley,

(Sheri) is a talented artist and a warm and personable teacher. Sheri creates a relaxed and encouraging atmosphere in which to learn and I think she goes ‘above and beyond’.

Anita Fenton,

Sheri once told me something along the lines of ‘everyone has the capability to produce amazing artwork’, but she is the only person ever I’ve known who could bring it out in anyone.

Mark Francis,

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