Joining Sheri’s art class was one of the best choices I have ever made. Sheri is an exceptional art teacher who has had a profound impact on my artistic journey. Sheri has played a huge role in reshaping my perspective in art through challenging me to explore new approaches while also providing me the  freedom to express myself creatively. Under Sheri’s guidance, I not only felt encouraged to step out of my comfort zone but also witnessed a significant improvement in my artistic skills. Furthermore, Sheri’s class played a crucial part in helping me assemble a portfolio that secured admission to my dream school. I am immensely grateful for the large, positive impact she has had on my creative journey, and I cannot thank her enough for all she has done. She is an incredible artist, an inspiring mentor, and an amazing person. Truly a gift to have been a part of her class.

Sarah Edwards

Bringing warmth and laughter into the classroom, Sheri is a fabulous teacher who cares about each of her students and caters to every individual’s needs. I so appreciate her encouraging comments on each of my paintings, the help she offers me, and her generosity with her time. She doesn’t stop! I am constantly learning new things and seeing improvement with each new project. I am so grateful to have met this wonderful art teacher. I feel like I have grown so much as an artist, thanks to her patience and guidance. Thank you, Sheri!

Zanna Nassr

Joining Sheri’s portfolio classes has got to be one of the best decisions I have made in my life. I was quite nervous going into the application process, but through Sheri’s impeccable guidance, I was able to get into my dream program; Waterloo Architecture. Sheri provided me with insightful critiques that would push me to improve my portfolio pieces. Not only that, but she also proofread all my essays and written components and offered any necessary feedback. Through Sheri’s help, I was able to compile a successful portfolio, that carefully showcased various media and styles of art. In her classes, I was also surrounded by other talented artists my age, with whom I have become good friends with. Simply put, Sheri’s classes were the highlight of my week and I have grown tremendously as an artist because of her.

Husna Khan

Sheri’s portfolio classes not only helped me get into great universities but also helped me grow as an artist. Previous to these classes, I didn’t know what sort of pieces I needed to include for my portfolio and I simply didn’t have many pieces I was confident in. By joining these classes, I learned what I needed to do to create a successful portfolio. Sheri helped me make my portfolio diverse by encouraging me to explore different mediums and themes. She pushed me to create pieces, I didn’t know I was even capable of creating. She taught me new techniques and helped me build my confidence as an artist. By joining this portfolio building class, I got to learn in a welcoming, nonjudgmental environment with talented artists that are also looking to improve their skills. The portfolio created from these classes got me into my top choice and I am forever grateful for that. In addition, the professional photography and layout for my portfolio helped me stand out from my other applicants. Sheri’s dedication to each of her students is inspiring, she ensures each student is thriving and helps each student with their areas of improvement. She puts a lot of time in making sure each portfolio is perfect. I believe investing in these classes was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

Anagha Thottam

In the two years I was in Sheri’s portfolio building classes, her guidance showed me the potential I didn’t even know I had. My art skills have improved drastically and she encouraged me to think deeper and more creatively into the pieces I was making. With her help, I was accepted into all of the universities I applied for, in addition to receiving scholarships! Sheri has gone above and beyond to help me and ensure that I created a quality portfolio with my best work, and for that I am so thankful.

Thank you so much Sheri!
Kyra Hiltz

I cannot thank Sheri enough for everything she has done for me. I had very little knowledge and art experience going into my first class but Sheri has given me an incredible amount of guidance which has helped me improve so much. I did not think I was capable of creating the pieces that I did but with her expertise, I am so proud of the work that I’m able to create now. Having to create a few portfolios in a span of a few months was definitely not easy but with her encouragement I was able to complete them all and have gotten into the schools that I’ve applied to. Her kindness and patience has made me feel so comfortable and confident in the work that I create. I am thrilled that I was accepted to 4 universities of my choice and I received one scholarship as well. Again, I cannot thank her enough.

Amy Tran

Sheri, I cannot thank you enough!
Having only a few short months to create an entire art portfolio; with little to no art experience, was not easy. However, with your expertise and encouragement I was able to complete an art portfolio that I was proud of, and one that got me accepted into the Architecture program at Ryerson University. Sheri I could not have done it without you!

Thank you,
Nicole Myslivec

Sheri is an incredible art teacher. I joined her class with minimal artistic ability and learned so much. Sheri helped me improve at many different mediums and create some beautiful art pieces for my post secondary portfolio. The amount of time and effort Sheri gives each and every one of her students is unbelievable. She is not only there to help you during the two hours you’re in her class, but she is available over email anytime you need her assistance when you are working on your projects at home. I would absolutely recommend Sheri Tenaglia if you are looking for help building a portfolio or just simply to improve as an artist.

Angelina Cocciardi

I cannot thank Sheri enough for all the guidance she has given my daughter to build her portfolio. Sheri has exposed her to a wide variety of experiences and teaches with a fantastic understanding of each of her students abilities and needs. We found her to be not only an exceptional teacher but also an exceptional person as well. After building her portfolio, my daughter was thrilled that she could continue with instruction from Sheri. Full stars all around, thank you Sheri.

Anne Copeland, Georgetown.

I have been a student at Sheri Tenaglia’s School of Art and Portfolio Building for the past two years. During this time, I have learned the skills which are necessary to create a successful architectural portfolio. Sheri has given me the confidence and tools required to help me pursue my dream of becoming an architect. Upon completion of Sheri’s class, I received offers of admission from every school to which I applied. Sheri’s professionalism and dedication to her students is second to none and I am thankful for the guidance she gave me as I moved through each stage of my portfolio. She always encouraged me to begin with my own ideas and was always there to help me develop them further. I highly recommend Sheri’s classes for anyone who needs to develop their portfolio. Thank you, Sheri. I will miss seeing you in your studio!

Brooke Kelleher

Thank you so much for your tremendous help and guidance in assisting my daughter in creating her art portfolio for her university applications. Your expertise, dedication, and support have been extremely helpful in shaping her portfolio into a true reflection of her skills and passions. Your ability to identify her strengths and her highlight them effectively has been invaluable.

You took the time to understand my daughter’s aspirations and encouraged her to explore her own unique style and approach to art.
Thank you once again for your invaluable assistance, guidance, and unwavering support. Your contribution to my daughter’s journey towards her dream university is immeasurable. We are forever grateful for the impact you have had on her life.

With heartfelt appreciation,

Berna and Levent Kilic

Over the years, Sheri’s teachings have been instrumental towards elevating my artistic abilities and portfolio. No matter the project, her approach to teaching is positive, creative, and alacrite; this is led by an exceptional skill set towards all things fine arts. I especially appreciate her guidance in the medium of pastels, pan-pastels, and drawing fundamentals. Thank you, Sheri!


After a long hiatus from making art, I decided to venture out and look for art classes in my local area. I was lucky enough to find Sheri nestled in the quaint hamlet of Glen Williams. Over the past two years, I have been able to explore and expand my skills as an artist. I personally wanted to focus on my technical skills of anatomy and portraiture, which she helped me by providing resources and drawing exercises. Sheri incredibly knowledgeable about many mediums and takes an individualistic approach with all her students.  I think the most valuable part of these classes is the feedback from Sheri, her trained eye never misses a thing! Overall, working with Sheri has been so rewarding and given me the opportunity to reconnect with a lost passion.  

Savleen Dosanjh

My daughter recently completed Sheri’s Portfolio Building classes. Right from the first class Sheri was very helpful. Her warm and insightful style of teaching allowed Alyssa to flourish under her guidance. Sheri discussed the programs Alyssa was applying to so she would thoroughly understand the portfolio requirements. Sheri helped Alyssa produce art work that reflected her interests while at the same time creating impressive pieces for her portfolio. I am happy to report Alyssa received early acceptance to OCAD university for the program of her choice! We both know this was in large part to Sheri’s wonderful support.
Warm regards,

Jana McDonald

Having no previous experience other than the occasional public school art class and exercises, Sheri Tenaglia saw my potential and offered me a spot in the community that she created in her studio for her students, that were, and are lucky enough to be taught by her. Many art teachers are interested mostly in just getting their students through to the final product without one-on-one mentoring, but Sheri is different. She is different in the way that she cares about you as a person and gets to know you to better understand how to instruct you. Not only is she one of the kindest women you will meet, but she is one of the most talented; her studio is set up so that whenever you walk in, you are in awe of her skill in drawing and painting. Although that might be intimidating at first, Sheri is always there to give a welcoming smile and say an encouraging word to go along with teaching you a trick she discovered. These lessons allow students to create wonderful paintings, that even make their own family members question that they created such a piece.

Recently I had the opportunity to meet Robert Bateman, the famous Canadian Wildlife Painter. When meeting him, I was pushed by a friend to show him one of my paintings I did under Sheri’s instruction. When he first saw it he was amazed and in disbelief that I was able to draw that way. It was then explained that I was in an art class instructed by Sheri, and it was because of her and her encouragement and vivacity for teaching that I could produce work like that. Mr. Bateman then said that I was very fortunate to know and be taught by such an artist, and frankly, I couldn’t agree more.

Taylor Sparling
Student from 2013-2017

Thank you so much for everything you’ve done for me. I’ve had a wonderful few months attending your classes and you’ve given me new knowledge that will help me in the future.

I couldn’t have done it without you and for that I thank you. I look forward to visiting you in the future and telling you all about OCAD.

Ava Yarema

Sheri did such an excellent job of assisting me with my portfolio, I cannot say enough good things. She has pushed me to think outside the box and create a wide variety of meaningful pieces. I am very happy with the progress in my art that Sheri has helped me achieve. Sheri kept me organized, helped me understand the whole portfolio process and made my university application process stress free. After Sheri’s guidance, I was given early acceptance to OCAD for my program of choice.

Alyssa McDonald

Working with Sheri has truly been a great experience. I went into the lessons having no prior knowledge about art and was able to create a portfolio that has gotten me an acceptance to my program of choice, Architectural Science at Ryerson University. No words can describe how helpful Sheri was while working with her and I can confidently say that I am very glad I was able to enrol myself in the Tenaglia School of Art and Portfolio Building! Thank you Sheri!

Oscar Ayala

I wanted to thank you so much for all you had done for me over the years in your art school. It increased the quality of my portfolio so much and was truly the reason why I got into Ryerson’s architecture program. Whenever I need to draw for a class I catch myself making little mistakes that you would point out for me. I have grown so much as a creative thinker because of you and I am sincerely thankful for that.

I am just finishing my first year here at Ryerson and I am loving it. Although it is very overwhelming at times, I’ve been able to keep up with the pace.

Anyway, I just wanted to reach out and thank you for all you’ve done for me.

Sarah Tyl

Thank you so much for all the help and guidance you have given Kyra! I am so happy we found you when we did. I truly don’t know how we would have done this otherwise. We are so grateful and appreciative of your help!

Grace Hiltzl

Sheri, I cannot thank you enough!

It is beyond Oscar’s and my expectations what you have done for our son. You have not only taught him how to draw, you have helped him developed skills he didn’t even know he had. You have helped him discover a passion and express himself and sentiments through his art work… and that to us is invaluable!

So a big thanks on our behalf!!!
Alexandra & Oscar

We were thrilled to hear that our daughter’s mixed media piece won the Mayor’s Choice Award this year at the Halton Hills Youth Art Exhibit. Thank-you for your guidance and tutelage this last year. Her skills have blossomed since starting your class and we are truly privileged to have you teaching her!

Sincerely ~ Lori Madalena

Sheri Tenaglia has had the largest impact on my transitional journey from high school to preparing for post secondary education. In just a few short months, Sheri helped me from the ground up in developing an artistic ability that would allow me to transfer my creative thoughts to a wide variety of mediums. This allowed me to create all the pieces I wanted for my portfolio with enough adeptness to achieve success. She creates a fantastic, comfortable learning environment that makes her classes both enjoyable and challenging. I would highly recommend sheri tenaglia’s school of art to any level of artist. Sheri offers a great level of professional personal dedication that I was unable to find anywhere else. With her guidance I was able to enter my program of choice in architectural design, and would not have been able to do it without her.

Alec Meneses

I wanted to email you a quick thank you. I have never been more proud of pieces other than the ones I worked on with you, and I loved being in the senior class! I received notice last week that I’ve been accepted into OCAD´s Environmental Design program! I cried when I got the news. I can not thank you enough for everything you did for me!

Maija Wootton

I worked with Sheri Tenaglia for about 3 weeks and in that time she taught me valuable skills and techniques. Sheri helped me arrange and complete 2 university portfolios for the architecture programs to which I applied and received acceptances. Without her help I would not have been able to complete even half of the work needed in order to apply. Communication between us was very comfortable and she would always reply within a few hours. Her replies always included useful feedback and encouragement which allowed me to work even while I wasn’t in her classroom. If anybody were seeking help in this field, I would strongly recommend Sheri.

Danielle Berno

I always wanted to draw and paint, and take art lessons, but I didn’t know where to start. Sheri Tenaglia taught me to draw by looking at things in a different way. With Sheri’s instruction I’m creating paintings now that I never thought were possible. She knows how to bring the artist out in anyone with her positive, encouraging attitude, and immense artistic knowledge. I look forward to each lesson with Sheri as she helps me to build a portfolio for school. Based on the artwork I created in her classes I received an early offer of admission to OCAD U, my first choice school.

Shannon Hope

Thank you so much Sheri, for everything, I know that without your help I wouldn’t be where I am now. You’ve taught me so much in the art world and I’m glad that I went to your art school. I looked forward to going every week! I am so glad you prepared me for university, you taught me how to think conceptually and different techniques I use everyday. So thank you so much!

Thanks again,
Andrea Gallant

Sheri is awesome! She is a very patient teacher who is very passionate about her students and helping them be successful. I was completely new to painting and drawing and did not feel self conscious about my lack of skills with Sheri. Sheri is extremely talented and I highly recommend her.

Shelley MacDonald

I thoroughly enjoyed art classes with Sheri! She is a knowledgeable, warm, helpful coach and her studio is relaxing and inviting. After a preliminary assessment, Sheri introduced me to new mediums, materials and tools. I was exclusively working with paint but now I am excited to learn everything I can about pastels. Sheri effortlessly adapts to the different skill sets of her students by giving each student the specific help they need to improve their craft. Thanks Sheri for the wonderful experience!

Karen Feibel

Thank you so much for all the wonderful work you have done with Andrea to help her improve her art skills and help her prepare for all those applications for university. We appreciate all that you have done! You are a warm and caring teacher that encouraged Andrea to create beautiful pieces. She enjoyed your classes tremendously. As a result of your guidance and Andrea’s hard work she got accepted to all the universities she applied to! Thank you again so much!

Suzanne Solinski-Gallant

I would just like to take the time to genuinely thank you from the bottom of my heart for instilling both skills and confidence in myself as a artist. You helped me develop potential that I never knew existed. Your kindness and patience helped me feel so comfortable, I sincerely appreciate it.

Sincerely, Luke Cho

We are so thankful to you and all you have done for Allana, she has grown leaps and bounds over the last 3 years, and I know that you have played a huge part in her growth as an artist. Allana received an early offer to OCAD University, based on her portfolio.

We are so proud of her. Thank you again.

Robin Osborne-Cooper

My husband and I have always felt that Sarah had a talent and love for the visual arts from a very young age. Under Sheri’s tutelage for just one year, not only has her talent blossomed, but her passion for art has grown as well. She has done works of art that she would never have thought she was capable of and at the end of each class, she looks forward to the next. Sheri challenges Sarah knowing what she is capable of, allowing her to continue to grow as an artist. All for which we are very grateful. My only regret is we didn’t have her registered for classes with Sheri sooner than we did.

Priscilla Doyle

Sheri, I just want to thank you for all your teachings with Leah, I can’t believe the art pieces that she does now that she has been taking classes with you. They are unbelievable!! It’s only been a couple of years and she has improved so much! Your technique is amazing and I know that Leah is creating this great art because of your classes. Someone asked if her last piece was a photograph! Thanks so much for everything you do and everything you have done! And lastly Leah was thrilled to hear she was accepted to all 5 programs she applied to in the arts, 2 programs at Sheridan, Seneca, Humber and Fanshawe.

Terry Smith

My daughter, Sarah, has been taking art lessons from Sheri for 2 years now. Sheri is inspirational, and has taken Sarah’s interest and talent to a whole new level. Sarah has won two art competitions allowing her to gain more confidence and encourage her to pursue her passion. Sheri is extremely talented and she guides and encourages her students but allows them the independence and imagination to flourish, in a beautiful bright studio environment. I would highly recommend Sheri for anyone interested in enhancing their artistic talents with fun and success and personal growth.

Suzanne Hornemann

My daughter Maya has been going to Sheri for the past 2 years. Sheri and her art program are both truly amazing. Maya is producing wonderful award winning art and looks forward to Sheri’s class each and every week. I am very happy to have found such an awesome program and would highly recommend it to anyone.

Bobbi Venters

I had very little experience in art before I took my lessons with Sheri. Now, a year later, I am able to create art pieces for my portfolio that are much better than what I had hoped for. Sheri is always very optimistic and likes to give her students a good challenge. She is a great teacher, and I had fun learning from her.

Chloe Molley

Sheri has been an unbelievable art teacher who I had the privilege to be taught by. I am a grade 12 student who needed to submit a portfolio to a very competitive fashion communications program. Though I had never had any training in art, I was thrilled to see how far I could go with the proper coaching. Her extreme dedication to her students is evident and I have benefited greatly in result. Considering the short amount of time that I had left until the submission date of my portfolio, is it truly amazing what I was able to complete with Sheri’s help during this time. Thanks to Sheri I have accomplished so much more than I ever dreamt I could and I`m on my way to the program of my dreams at Ryerson University. I cannot thank Sheri enough for everything she has done for my art skills and it is something that I can take with me throughout my road to success.

Michelle Abbott

One time my spouse had the opportunity to work with Sheri on a project and he was impressed by Sheri’s talent and he asked her if Olivia could attend some art classes under her tutelage. The first piece that Olivia painted blew my mind…that a 15 year old could paint this way. Subsequently to this painting, my daughter, Olivia has not only painted some amazing pieces but she is learning so much from Sheri.

Sheri has done some wonderful things with Olivia. Besides Olivia’s talent showcasing under Sheri’s excellent tutelage, Olivia is starting to bring depth into the subject she is painting. Olivia is becoming secure and a force to recon with when it comes to critiquing the piece she is painting. Based on what I am seeing I hope that Sheri continues to have Olivia as a student and take her even higher on her skill level such that Olivia starts to create on her own volition.

Sheri Thank You…Olivia is not yet 16 and she is doing some amazing work!

Shelley Viehweber (Olivia’s Mum)

As someone able to look back at my formative years with some semblance of distance, I can honestly say that Sheri was instrumental in my development as a creative person. Not only does she cultivate the natural abilities present in all of us, Sheri also helps build the confidence and work ethic needed to succeed in any endeavor. I took pastel classes with Sheri for several years before applying to a BFA program at York University. Sheri’s influence helped immensely during my undergrad and I am now continuing to strengthen my skills as a Master of Architecture student at UBC. I do not think that I would be where I am, nor be the person I am today were it not for her steady guidance.

Sheri once told me something along the lines of ‘everyone has the capability to produce amazing artwork’, but she is the only person ever I’ve known who could bring it out in anyone.

Mark Francis

As an older person opening up to learning to draw only lately, I was struck by the confidence Sheri had in me as a new student to achieve some basics and go on to produce a finished pastel painting. With Sheri’s many years of teaching experience, fear doesn’t faze her: she gently coaxed me through whatever arose. In the two years that I’ve attended the evening adult class, I’ve surprised myself repeatedly, and also had a really good time. Thank you Sheri for going above and beyond to support me in exploring my creative side—it’s actually spilling over to other areas of my life as well.

Eva Smarda Carney

Sheri is that kind of teacher that teaches with a warm heart and lots of inspiration. She is willing to walk you into a pastel journey with great results. As an artist myself, I tried, on my own, the pastel technique and failed. After taking her workshop I grasped the art quickly and with lots of enthusiasm and learnt the tricks that makes this medium so enjoyable. Sheri’s explanation and years of experience allows her students to learn quickly and explore their own individual style. Walking away from Sheri’s workshop with a “master piece” of my own, tells me I got my moneys worth from her workshop. My masterpiece called “Alton Mill Summer Set” won the Muriel Davis 2009 “essence of water” award. Thanks Sheri!!

Henny Dagenais

Christa, as you know was accepted in college for her art. She is a very talented young girl, but lacked some confidence as you know. Your patience and heartfelt encouragement was appreciated! The manner in which you worked with her enabled her to build her skill as well as her confidence. She is now enjoying her program and getting top marks. It is truly amazing to see the change in her attitude and approach to her art and I want you to know that you had a crucial role in this……so thank you!!

Mary Anne Kozdras

I took private classes with Sheri for three years until the age of 11 or 12 studying still-life, figurative, and landscape drawing in various media. Even though I was quite young when I stopped attending Sheri’s classes, I can say with absolute certainty that she equipped me with the proper tools and knowledge to succeed in a strict post-secondary artistic environment. My high school art classes had nothing on Sheri’s. Now, at 22, I am now entering my fourth and final year at Sheridan College in the illustration program, looking forward to attaining my bachelor of applied arts degree in the spring.

Jackie Musial

My son Alex took art classes with Sheri Tenaglia from the beginning of grade four until he went to high school. If it takes a village to raise a child, Sheri was part of Alex’s village. He respected her deeply, was very comfortable in her company, and enjoyed the conversation among the participants in her very intimate classes. He always looked forward to those classes each week.

And that’s before the impact of Sheri’s guidance on the development of his artwork! Under her direction, Alex’s sense of colour, composition, and the use of light and contrast in his artwork developed enormously. I cannot recommend Sheri as an art teacher to children more highly.

Janet Hahn

I have known Sheri for quite a few years. She was highly recommended when I was searching for an art teacher for my daughter. Sheri has the ability to communicate to her students effectively. She teaches with ease to all ages and at all levels, the different concepts related to art. The students are taught in a relaxed atmosphere where they can progress at their own pace. I would recommend Sheri to anyone at any age who is seeking to develop their creative talents.

Joanne & Jenn Johnston

Sheri has been a great art teacher and the biggest help with getting ready to apply to college. My skill and passion for art have improved so much since I started taking lessons it’s hard to even believe. She has helped me put together a portfolio I’m really proud of and I look forward to my class every week and improving more.

Erin Madore

I requested Sheri Tenaglia’s art tutoring service upon finding out that my daughter needed a portfolio in order to enter into an Interior Design program. She had some art instruction in Grade 10 Art, as well as some natural talent, but besides that, she was at a loss as to how she would put something together in a 3 month time period. As well, she had no idea on how to showcase her abilities and combine a group of pieces that would be relevant to this career choice. Sheri was very decisive and focused on Kessia’s interests, talents, level of competence and pushed her to new areas that she would not have thought of trying. She provided Kessia with the necessary tools, environment and instruction but was also very careful to be sure that the pieces were Kessia’s creations, created by her and therefore gave Kessia a lot of independence to produce her individual pieces. Kessia had to complete 10 pieces within a condensed time period and Sheri was diligent to meet this deadline with quality and creativity. The final project was for Sheri to take professional photos of the art pieces, have them photo shopped (which she did) and provide us with instruction on how to label, trim, mount and organize a professional portfolio. I know for a fact that Kessia’s portfolio would not have been nearly as impressive or professional without Sheri’s assistance. Kessia is extremely talented but she needed the ideas, tools and techniques in order to produce the kind of quality that she produced in her portfolio.

I would highly recommend Sheri for her professionalism, knowledge, eye for talent, positive coaching and friendly disposition. It was a pleasure for my daughter to work with Sheri.

Kelly Coutu

I took a soft pastel workshop with Sheri and found her to be a talented artist and a warm and personable teacher. Sheri creates a relaxed and encouraging atmosphere in which to learn and I think she goes ‘above and beyond’. Long after my workshop was complete I contacted her with some questions I had and she was more than happy to provide me with the help I needed. Never having used soft pastels before, I was pleased to come out of the workshop with a solid grounding in both materials and technique enabling me to go on and complete several pieces on my own.

Anita Fenton

Thank you so much Sheri. Sarah’s work is amazing. You have talent helping people develop and find their creative ability.

I have known this for quite some time and am so honoured that Sarah is under your tutelage.

Denis Karda

Sheri Tenaglia teaches with a very high degree of skill and sensitivity to her students’ needs. She creates a very positive learning environment. My skills as an art student improved dramatically over a short period of time, and I had a lot of fun on top of that.

Oksanna Crawley

I’ve had the pleasure of taking several art classes (watercolour; pastels) taught by Sheri, and came away with a better understanding of techniques and theory, as well as creative inspiration. Her knowledge and her ability to relate to the individual’s needs were well evident. Plus I thoroughly enjoyed her courses!

Randy Ross

Thanks so much Sheri. I really enjoyed your class and the excellent teaching you provided. Looking forward to crossing paths again.

Mary Kelly

I will sincerely say that I thoroughly enjoyed the courses I took with Sheri. I learned an awful lot and for a teacher I give her 5 stars. I also greatly admire her work.

Herta Hajek

You have taught Chrissy a lot about art and I have noticed a huge improvement in her work. You have really made her enjoy art. You make her feel talented, you encourage her and you inspire her to be better. Thank you for the guidance and kindness that you have shown Chrissy.

Sarah Davis

My son enjoyed Sheri’s art classes each week. Sheri took the time to make suggestions to improve his artistic abilities. She valued his opinion and encouraged him to add his own unique style to his work.

Jennifer Slofstra